I will love you 'til the end of time, I would wait a million years - Girl crush alert!

Now I did a previous Girl crush alert post in November on the worryingly beautiful Rita Ora. I am in no way one for cheating, she will always have a red lipped shaped place in my heart, but I felt compelled to do another girl crush post after discovering this little beauty a few months a go.

Now I'm sure many of you are aware of the stunningly sultry Lana Del Rey thanks to her epic single Video Games, as featured on TOWIE ha, and the muso's amongst you will be shouting abuse at how late I am posting about this one, but yes, I absolutely love her. Everything about her, her voice, her style which consists of gold, ghetto nails, lipstick, and American Apparel, need I say more, the perfect girl for me, and most of all her mental set of smackers!! 

I myself am obsessed with all things American, especially that nostalgic, hazy californian, David Lynch kind of America, so girls like Lana, Marina and the Diamonds, Sky Ferreira and Rita Ora are right up my street.  The most stand out thing about Lana is definitely her music videos. They are all shot as hazy, american, retro type home videos and make her really, and I hate to use this word, current. And her music embodies this quality too, her pouty, sultry tones liken her to the Nancy Sinatras of the world and I feel like we're on the cusp of a musical zeitgeist of a 50s Rock n' Roll resurrection, the perfect soundtrack to summertime 2012. I also love that she's definitely styled by American Apparel! But enough chit chat get a load of this beauty!

Lana's new song 'Born to Die' out now with an album of the same name to follow on 30th January. Watch my favourite song of hers 'Blue Jeans' and perv over the ridiculous styling.

Who's your current girl crush?

Want some more 50's inspired tunes? Check out Penny & the Quarters and Dirty Beaches. #inlove

Until the next post,

Love, love, love

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