Girl crush alert!!!!

Whilst everyone is currently crushing on the absolutely grunge-tastic Charlotte Free or ‘the new Kate Moss’ as some of you may prefer to address her, I like to buck the trend and bring you alternative gyals to get style excited about!

This posts girl crush comes in the shape of Rita Ora.  Perhaps the UKs answer to Rihanna? I spotted this little sex pest on loooooooooooads of tumblr blogs and as soon as I saw her I just HAD to find out who she was.  It turns out she’s due to be pretty big news and if you’re into the Sky Ferreiras and MIAs of the world, you’ll wanna know about her.

In a nut shell, this way too cool for school 19 year old is the latest signing to Jay Z’s Roc Nation and has already worked with Craig David (yes he is still making music) Drake and Tinchy Stryder as well as a cameo in Jay Z and Mr Hudson’s video ‘Young Forever’ (allegedly I’ve tried to find her and I can’t!). 

What’s appealing about her is she’s one of those drop dead gorgeous girls that oozes that hard-ass edge you can’t help but envy.  You know if she walked into a room EVERY girl would want to be her and EVERY guy would want to do her, and it wouldn’t even phase you.  She’s my absolute favourite style mash up of 90s grunge/hip hop and I don’t think I even need to mention the eyebrows!

But enough chit chat - drink her in for yourselves!

Int she just a beaut!!

Until the next post love, love, love

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