The Beauty Box Battle: Glossybox vs Boudoir Prive

I know it's the 1st December and these are the November boxes but, better late than never!

There are a lot of mixed views on the beauty box craze and mine is just another one! The last review I did was of October's Glossybox and since then I have also subscribed to the Boudoir Prive box.  I wasn't that happy with October's Glossybox and liked the look of last month's Boudoir Prive so thought, I'll give them both a go and then keep the one I like the most as a regular subscription. But as this months boxes go, and with funds being the way that they are, I don't think I will be keeping either on! It's not that I'm disappointed with the offerings I've received I just don't think I have enough interest in all the products which are featured in each box to keep paying every month. I feel like I'd rather read reviews and then decide if I want to try anything.  The only thing I've ever been really bothered about in these boxes was the September Glossybox's HD Brow kit and I think it may have been the May Glossybox which featured a FULL SIZE Nars Orgasm Illuminator so taking these into account, if I cancelled my subscriptions I could spend the cash on either of them instead can see the dilemma!

Anyway on with the review.


So as you can see, or have previously read, not particularly exciting.

Inside the box is (Clockwise from top left)
Dead Sea Spa Magik - Dead Sea Bath Salts £5.50 for 1KG
Arbonne - FC5 Ultra Hydrating Hand Cream £19 for 118ml
Monu - Revitalising Moisturiser £16.25 for 50ml
Nail Rock - Designer Nail Wraps £6.25 per pack
Illamasqua - Freak EDP £59 for 75ml

Now I shall keep this brief, Dead Sea Spa Magik I'm not really interested in as I only take showers, I also read on Lucy-Boots that she'd seen this in a pound shop, great! So these will be going to the Mother, but if you like bath salts, it's a sizeable pack so I don't see why they wouldn't be good. I was a bit put out that there were two moisturisers, one classed as hand and one all over but still, two of the same product in one box is just too much for me.  Both great products but to me, not much better than the moisturisers I already use and looking at the prices, something I will be steering away from, £5 coco butter suits me fine! The Illamasqua fragrance is nice but again, taking the price into account I'm not in love with it and feel like I have to have it. It's a pleasant floral fragrance with a slight twist.  I really like strong, heady fragrances and this does contain notes I love like Opium flower mixed with Frankincense and Myrrh, but it won't be appearing on my Xmas list I'm afraid, I'm more than happy with my trusty Tom Ford and if I want anything from Illamasqua it will absolutely be the Skinbase!
There is one product I do love in this months box though.

The Nail Rock nail wraps, I have been wanting to try these for so long but have just been to lazy to get any!  I got the leopard print ones which I really like, I would've also liked the black and white striped ones that EVERYONE else seems to have received but, I tend to get the shades/designs that no-one else gets with these boxes so I'll go with it! I haven't had time to do them before this post as I want to put them onto false nails rather than my natural little stumpy ones!

Boudoir Prive

Now this is the cheaper of the two at £10 including P&P well it was, I think now it's been put up to the same price at £12.95. 

Inside the box (Clockwise from left)
Rahua (pronounced Ra-wa) - Voluminous Shampoo & Conditioner £27 & £28 for 275ml
Korres - Wild Rose 24 Hour Moisturiser £19 for 40ml
Studio Makeup - Rich Hydration Lipstick £12.25 each
Vinies Ayurveda's Soul - Luminous Skin Mask £32.85 for 40g
Dead Sea Spa Magik - Silky Smooth Body Lotion £7.70 for 350ml

Again with this box, not a whole lot that I'm overly interested really. I tried a sachet of the Rahua shampoo and conditioner as I'm all for anything which will increase the volume of this barnet! I'm not sure if it significantly volumised, I don't like to condition my hair too much as if it's too soft it goes flat and gets dirty really quickly but with this one, as it was specifically volumising, I dowsed my hair hair in it.  Unlike moisturising conditioners, it didn't really help when I brushed out my hair after I'd washed it and was quite painful actually so if you have tangly long hair you will need an extra leave in conditioner to help with brushing. But yeh, overall not an overwhelming difference volume wise,I think it's the kind of thing you need to use for a week or two but, to be honest, I'm not particularly precious with my hair so I'll stick with John Frieda. This box also had TWO moisturisers! As they go, if you like Korres you'll love this wild rose one but, having already got two moisturisers in the Glossybox I was feeling a bit bombarded by them! Also wasn't particularly crazy about the fact that there was a Dead Sea Spa Magik product in both the Glossybox and this one. Regarding the face mask I've heard a lot of negative comments about it breaking people out and being too harsh for their skin.  It luckily didn't do this to mine, it did actually make it feel quite 'radiant' but I did feel like there was a layer of product I couldn't get off after I'd used it.  It also looks like baby poo so for me, not an essential addition as I'm not mad about face masks.
After all that though there is one shining beacon of hope, the Studio Makeup Hydrating Lipstick...

So the shade is Really Red and I love it! Really, really moisturising as well as being long lasting, which I find is not something that usually comes with moisturising lipsticks. I wore this all evening, drank out of a can and everything and it stayed, very impressed.  Another thing I LOVE about this lipstick is the packaging, it's like a Biro as you click it up from the case and it pops open, this is great as I've definitely had lipsticks dry out before due to loose caps, with this bad boy that will definitely not happen. I think the price is great too and would definitely look into other colours on offer.

So there you have it, the November boxes! In terms of which is better, I really don't have a preference, as you can see there's one item in each I particularly like, the rest I can take or leave to be honest.  i will also say that this is my last review of these boxes as I have since cancelled both subscriptions.  I know I will probably regret this once the Xmas boxes come out but, that's the risk you take, and my finances leave ALOT to be desired at this time of year, I need every penny I can save!

Do you sign up to any of these boxes? What do you think?

Until the next post!

Love, love, love,

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