October Glossybox review

As most of you are probably aware the Beauty box is the latest ‘craze’ in beauty sampling. Glossybox is most definitely the most popular beauty box choice  of the masses.

Like most people that are now privy to its sampling treats, I only signed up to Glossybox this month.  I’d heard about it for a while and wasn’t sure whether it was worth it/something I needed and not to mention the packaging, it is lovely but after a few months I shall be sleeping in a fort of pink boxes, hmmm, Barbie dream house fantasy here I come? perhaps the packagings not such a bad thing! But anyway, my subscription, so yeah I’d been meaning to sign up for a while and was so very close to doing it for the September one, but something stopped me, probably lack of funds I’d imagine but after seeing the HD Brow kit I instantly regretted this. And I think this was the case for most people as the amount of reviews like this have increased so much in the last month!

So onto the review! (I must apologise for the shocking photography!!)

So for the sake of keeping this short I will say what’s in the box and then the review - 

Dermalogica - Wash/makeup bag, Age Smart collection - Multivitamin Thermafoliant, Multivitamin Power Recovery Masque and (not in photo) Renewal Lip Complex.

I really like Dermalogica products and was happy to get some samples, but I feel like I always get Dermalogica samples so it didn’t feel as exciting as say, a La Prairie sample ha! I’ve heard a lot of reviews saying ‘ooh it’s anti aging I’m too young’ well let me tell you my views on anti aging. I’m a true believer in the ethos of prevention is better than cure so, it is never too early to start using anti aging products and quite frankly, in my opinion to start using these products at 50 is far too late, the skin has already aged and there is not much more you can do in terms of improving it except what you’ve always done. All skincare is anti aging in some capacity and the ones specifically aimed at anti aging just help to combat things like pollution, atmosphere, dehydration which are all things that age the skin prematurley. Skin ages everyday so it’s never too soon to engage in a little anti aging action, even if it’s just once a week.

Right there’s the rant, now onto the products.  the exfoliator is great not too harsh, not too gentle and really soothing it’s called a ‘Thermofiliant’ which means it heats up as you use it, a lot like a clay mask to help draw out impurities so you really feel like you’re getting a good old clean out! The mask again is not too harsh, my skin did feel really soft afterwards, I’m not sure if it’s any better than any other mask out there but a great addition to the Glossybox. The lip treatment is great, I really really do like it and it’s probably the item I would most likely purchase once I run out. It’s a thick, matte balm with no gloss at all which is great for me as I do get dry lips and don’t always want something glossy to enhance them! It feels like it is genuinely good for the lips and really nourishing - perfect for keeping winter chapped lips at bay, very impressed.

Leighton Denny Nail polish in Sex Kitten

Now I’ve not seen any other reviews with this colour in so I don’t know if maybe they ran out of the pink colour and I got the dregs, or whether no one that blogs got this colour, either way I feel quite special that I have a different one! Not my usual choice of colour, it really reminds me of when i was younger and was OBSESSED with Rimmel silver nail polish. It’s like a pearly, baby blue, I love the packaging, it’s really robust and the quality of the nail polish seems great, as in it doesn’t seem like it would go gloopy and I’ve had it on for about 4 days and it’s only just started chipping, baring in mind I’ve done washing up, cooking, all sorts with this paint on so really impressed. Despite this one not being my usual colour choice I would definitely be intrigued to see the colours on offer in this collection, basically if they’ve got black I would definitely invest!

Robert Piguet Eau de Parfums in Calypso, Fracas and Visa

I have read a lot of reviews on these samples of people just saying, ‘the perfumes aren’t really my thing’ which makes me think perhaps they haven’t really smelt them.  The brand is somewhat niche, which could put people off, but personally I LOVE perfumes that no one has heard of. Now I do tend to think three samples like this from the same perfumer is a bit of a cop out, I can’t help but think I’m sure I coud get these if I spent £10 in Selfridges, but actually I am glad they in the box. They are all really layered, rich scents, you think you smell one thing and then you smell it again and find something different. Yes the perfumes are very strong, they are Eau de Parfum sooo what do you expect, but I think, although they’re not all for me, they are three really wearable fragrances.  

The first one I smelt was Visa, this is really, really sweet, floral and fruity fragrance with notes of peach, pear, rose and patchouli, which gives it quite a ‘heavy, creamy’ scent, perfect for winter.  This fragrance isn’t for me but is probably the most ‘accessible’ one of the bunch,for those of you that love sweet, creamy fragrances like a lot of the celebrity ones this could be worth a whiff!

The next was Fracas. Again another very floral fragrance, great for mums I think as it has all the go to ingredients I think sum up a ‘mum’ fragrance. There’s jasmine, gardenia and lily of the valley (one of my mums favourite notes) and it’s a really clean and fresh scent, it reminds me a lot of the Estee Lauder fragrances. Could be a great unexpected gift if you can stretch to £65 for 50ml!

The last one was Calypso and my personal favourite.  It’s quite a heavy, musky scent which I love for winter, it’s a difficult one to describe but the description provided says ‘bewitching and romantic, a mesmerising mix of fiery and lush floral facets’ which I think is the best description I can give it. It is floral and ‘girly’ but there is a definite ‘spicy kick’ in the base notes. I do really like this one as I love rich, heady, opulent fragrances  which this absolutely is, I would like to add it to the collection, not least because I love the Robert Piguet packaging, it will be perfect next to my all time fav Tom Ford Black Orchid!

And lastly…

The Stila smudge stick waterproof eyeliner in Moray.

My favourite product in the box, I love Stila products, I think distribution was either very limited or unavailable in the UK but either way I think they’re making a comeback and I’m so pleased!  The colour is kind of black/grey/khaki green with gold shimmer in it and is really easy to smudge, I’ve not worn it out yet so not sure how it lasts but I really do like it!! Perfect addition and great for the upcoming party season as it’s the sort of thing you can wear one way for work and then add some more on to spice up the evening!

Overall, I am impressed with the box after reading back this review but, at first, I was disappointed, I know I shouldn’t expect an HD Brow kit every month but this box did have a hard act to follow, and seeing as there was hype surrounding it due to it being the 6th box I didn’t think it lived up to it but, I do like the products.

What did you think of your Glossybox? Do you agree with my review?

Watch my Youtube video of this here to see the products in live action!

Love, love, love,

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