Getting Political with YouGov

I never really get too political on my social media channels and this is a conscious decision.

Now I know that might seem controversial but to me, it can just be more hassle than it's worth. I find sometimes that social media is a place where people are determined to be offended and determined to misunderstand you and trying to justify your point in 140 characters to relative strangers just seems pretty futile. I mush prefer face to face conversation and to form my opinions and views on the world from the real people around rather than avatars on a feed.

Saying that I will however always encourage people to be as active as they can when it comes to things like voting, smear tests and generally keeping themselves aware of what's going on and that's where YouGov comes in. YouGov is a website that gathers information to then create statistics on society, eg. 50% of the population have no faith in Jeremy Corbin type thing. It's something that can help to promote change and if you're feeling rather helpless, it can help to make you feel like somewhere, your voice is being heard.

I explain a lot more in my newest vlog so go check it out and you can also find out more info on their website