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Sitting down to write this post I actually have no idea what I want to say. If you watched my last vlog you may know I've decided to take a much needed week off of Youtube, and whilst we're on the subject a massive, massive thankyou to everyone who's commented, tweeted, DM'ed and reached out with such kind and supportive messages, me and Hainsley are both so overwhelmed and thankful for all the support.

So with Christmas just ONE WEEK AWAY it felt like the perfect time to do this. I finish my full time job for my Christmas break on Tuesday and I cannot wait to sort out all the life admin that's been mounting up, finally get my flat in order with furniture and storage, spend time with family, sleep in until whenever I want to as well as having the time to just take stock of things I suppose.

I have a lot of plans for 2017 both personal and professional and this blog is one of them. One thing I just don't allow myself the time to do (and this is due to working full time and putting too much pressure on myself that I end up procrastinating and never following through) is to really push this blog to where I want it to be. I think when you create, the pressure to have constant content can be both motivating and debilitating, for me it's usually the latter. I get so overwhelmed with wanting to produce content, and not just any content, but content that's as high spec as I can make it, that I end up putting it off, making excuses or when I do get round to it, I pick it apart so much I end up scrapping it. In order to make my commitment to this blog achievable in the new year I've outlined three things to focus on:
Like I say, it's easy to get carried away with must post, must post, must post and all this does, especially when you work a separate full time job, is make you feel bad when you don't and ultimately leads to an unproductive attitude, for me anyway. One post a week on this blog is more than achievable for me and also ensures content is always good quality as opposed to churn, churn, churn.

And so that's really what this post is about, a step in the right direction and way of getting my routine back onto this platform. The title is a saying my sister always says to me and is perfect when you're feeling overwhelmed or even a bit disappointed in your progress with things. All you need to do is sit back, make plans and start where you are, pick up where you left off or however you want to put it, just start.

I also want to shout out the guys over at Alfie Douglas for sending me over this stunner of a bag. I featured it in my latest haul video and I could not recommend it enough. All the bags are handmade and the quality is as beaut as it looks. It's deceivingly roomy and if you haven't quite finished your Christmas list - get one of these on there stat. 

So with this in mind I wanted to ask you guys what you'd like to see more of on the blog. Of course my love lies with outfit shots and fashion editorial which is what I want to play around with more by working with a photographer, but let me know if you like my chatty posts, beauty posts or anything else. This space is yours as much as it is mine so give me all the feedback and I'm so looking forward to getting things back on track and making this site the what I've always wanted it to be.

And if I don't chat with you before, have an amazing Christmas darlings and drink lots of Gin.

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