The £5 Serum You Absolutely Need This Winter

The Ordinary Hylauronic Acid £5.90

I know right, a miracle serum for £5?! I didn't believe it either.

So to give a bit of background, The Ordinary is a brand I started to hear a bit of buzz around a couple of months ago after reading this article on The Independent. I then discovered Caroline Hirons had quizzed the owner on her blog and that was it, I HAD to see what the brand was all about.

Stocked on niche beauty website Deciem, prevailers of the next big buzz in the industry, the range started off consisting of 10 serums and has now grown to 21, all targeted at specific skin concerns. Everything from hydration, to ageing to redness is covered in this range, you may just need a little help to decipher which one is best for you (because off the top of their head, who actually knows what Lactic Acid is best for?!) and prices range from £4 - £15.

I decided to go for the Hylauronic Acid 2% + B5 priced at £5.90 as with the change of season, despite my oilness, I can get very dehydrated. I've been using it for about a month and a half now and having mentioned it in a recent beauty haul I've had a few enquiries as to how I've been getting on. 

And I'm pleased to say, I love it. It's a really light consistency that works great as a day serum as it doesn't interfere with makeup application on rushed weekday mornings. Unlike some other serums I've tried it's not sticky and once applied I don't feel like I've even got anything on my skin, there's no flakey residue and it works really well under moisturiser. Being someone that likes a little splurge on skincare it's great to find a really affordable but effective product that not only works but look at that packaging!!! So with that in mind it does beg the question, is my more expensive skincare really worth it? Perhaps if The Ordinary launch an entire skincare range we could have a debate on our hands but for now, I'm not quite ready to give up my Cult Beauty & SpaceNK splurges!