My Viviscal Experience: One Month Update

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If you watched this recent vlog you'll know that I am currently undertaking a three month trial using the Viviscal hair growth range

Being a qualified hairdresser, I'm always keen to try out new things and hair growth supplements are something I've never used, but am always getting asked about. So when Vivscal approached me I was keen to get involved,  not only for myself, but more importantly so I could pass on my experience to anyone who is intrigued by this area of haircare.

It's now been one month since I started the 'regimen' I suppose we'll call it, and I wanted to give you a little update on how I've been finding it. I must point out I don't have huge issues with hair growth, nor do I have particularly fine hair so if you have anything that seems particularly alarming to you, I would always say to seek medical advice. I do however have very weak, damaged hair which is prone to breakage and am always looking for ways to make my hair look and feel thicker and fuller. 

So I've been using the complete range from Viviscal, including their daily supplements every time I have washed and styled my hair over the last month, and I must say, I have definitely noticed a difference in my hair. It was about two weeks in I noticed a distinct difference in the length of my hair, I also feel like the very fragile ends of my hair look and feel a lot stronger and seem less vulnerable when I'm brushing out and styling my hair, I see a lot less breakage than I used to and this is a fantastic result already for me. The Shampoo and Conditioner smell great and the smell lingers in your hair which I love. I don't find them too rich or heavy but my hair does feel nourished and smooth after using them. I also really love the Elixir as unlike an oil, it's not heavy and works really well with my other styling products, I've also noticed my hair is a lot less prone to frizz especially when drying and overall looks and feels a lot healthier. I've been taking the daily supplements which is something I've not done before and feel like they could also be helping my nails as they also seem stronger than they have been for a while, so fingers crossed, with continued use perhaps I'll be able to sustain slightly longer nails without them breaking or splitting at the slightest push!

Overall I have been really impressed with the range and enjoyed using it as my haircare routine.  I'll be updating you again at the end of my trial but happy to answer any quezzies you guys may have about the range - just get at me on social nets or leave a comment!

This post has been very kindly sponsored by Viviscal however all opinions are 100% MINE ya'dig!