I've been feeling a bit uninspired this week so I wanted to sit down and do something I haven't really done since my uni days, but something I know that when I'm feeling lost can start to help me get back on track, and that is make a moodboard.

I got back from Las Vegas last week and despite feeling super positive just before I left and ridiculously positive and inspired whilst I was there; coming back I feel like I've lost a bit of my mojo and am just feeling meh, the perfect word to describe those feelings which are indescribable, not happy, not sad, just meh. 

For the last few weeks I've been experiencing some shifts in relationships in my life which has left me feeling introspective, self doubting and quite upset if I'm honest, so I started thinking about the idea of escaping. Whilst in Las Vegas I loved how my hotel room became my own temporary home, the relief I felt as I climbed into the giant bed and the luxury of spending time pampering myself in the hugely decadent bathroom; the way we adapt to our surroundings and can become attached to something so unfamiliar is an idea I really like to indulge in. 

So whether your escape is somewhere near the water, surrounding yourself with plants, exploring a new city or on the sofa with a book, I introduce to you my first moodboard: Escape.

Where do you like to escape to?