I don't really have a point to this post, other than the fact that I wanted to draft something as more of a reminder to myself that it's OK to get into a creative slump sometimes.

As someone who partakes in the blogging world as a hobby, it's easy to forget that that's all that it is. It's fun, it's how I spend my free time and it's something I do out of choice. And I think that's the key word here, choice. I choose to do this, as and when I want, however often I want, about what I want, but being that blogging has become what it has become, it's very easy for me to forget this and put pressure on myself to create. Now I'm not someone that likes to do things by halves so of course, I set goals and expectations for myself, just like I would with anything I care about. I want to upload regularly, I want to create meaningful but also creative content and of course, I want to grow my platforms.

I took this picture on Sunday as I hadn't uploaded to Instagram for a while and felt guilty for not doing so. Despite the fact I didn't have any images I'd taken that week, nor was I feeling particularly inspired, in fact this weekend I probably felt the most uninspired I have for a while, I just didn't want/couldn't be bothered to create anything, but I still felt I needed to...so I ended up with this. Which in actual fact sums up my weekend perfectly, a much needed two days of nothing much but tea, bed and magazines.

So really, the point of this post is this, if I don't feel like creating, I simply don't have to. In a time when blogging has become centre stage for so many, it's easy to get caught up and feel like you're not doing enough, or if your blog isn't your job why are you doing it? Well I'm doing it because I enjoy it, I love to create and despite having the odd creative block, I simply couldn't just stop. I don't do it because I think people are reading, I do it ultimately because I love the process. I think it's really important when you do work full time to have something that's just yours, that you love to do and makes you happy. And that's ultimately what this does, but sometimes I just need to be reminded, it's quality not quantity.