Monki Duster Coat (similar) | Black Roll Neck | Cos Trousers (similar) | Stan Smith Trainers

One of my favourite things when it comes to my wardrobe is rediscovering those lost items right at the back that for whatever reason, just get forgotten.

I bought these Cos trousers last year sometime, they were the last pair in the sale and so are slightly too big despite the fact they're supposed to be oversized. Being that they were the only pair left and so comfortable when I put them on, I din;t care that they drowned me, I just had to have them. They're basically like leaving the house in pyjama bottoms...what more could you want.

To be honest because of the cut and my frame being on the poor petite side, they aren;t the most flattering fit, especially around the hip area. But, if I pair them with my old faithful Monki duster coat, or any long line coat for that matter, this hides all that and I think they look really good as a super comfortable, but well thought out ensemble.

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