Meet Your New Fav Homeware Brand

Mur Mur Mug | Mur Mur Hand Towel

Call me a granny but if there's one thing I can't get enough of, it's a good homeware brand. 

I think it's a given that as soon as you move into a home space you actually care about, ie. out of student halls and into your own place, you become slightly/hugely/borderline obsessed with homeware. I honestly can't tell you the excitement I feel when I find a new coffee mug or unexpectedly come across bed linen in the perfect shade of grey.

Murmur is a brand I've never heard of, but one I discovered on a recent trip to Bentalls in Kingston. I was only walking through to get to the car park, but stepping off the escalator onto the 3rd floor, I was presented with a range of perfectly rustic but 'Scandi' inspired crockery in current fav shades of grey and dusky pink. On further inspection it transpired this brand also did the most luxurious but again perfectly 'Scandi' bed linen sets. 

One quick browse and I was hooked, it also didn't help that Bentalls had a home event on offering 35% off. Although I couldn't quite stretch to a new, and much needed, set of bed linen I had to get something. I definitely didn't need a new mug but I couldn't resist this dusky pink one. I love the size and shallow depth, plus, I kind of thought of it as my nod to this season's must have shade which almost certainly won't make it's way into my wardrobe (blogger reasoning ey). I've also wanted a 'display' hand towel, I know what you're thinking and yes I mean for display purposes only, for a while. I have a thing about these tea towel looking hand towels, I suppose I've been looking at too many copies of Kinfolk but something was telling me I need one and this was the perfect one. They also do a couple of other shades but you really can't go wrong with blue.

I defo have plans to treat myself to a new bed linen set at some point and I also have my eye on this core dinnerware but those can wait. It's definitely not items I desperately need but if there's one thing I've learned, when it comes to homeware, it really does pay to invest. So let the saving commence!

Have you heard of Murmur, if not are you gona check it out?