Let's Eat | Brunch at Balthazar

One of my favourite things to do has to be going for a good brunch. There's something about the anything goes factor to it that just makes me sublimely happy. It's comforting, it's social but also leisurely and if I didn't have to hold down a full time job, I would absolutely be a lady who brunches, pretty much everyday.

My old flatmate Angela was over from Kuwait so we decided to meet up at one of my favourite London spots, Balthazar. I don't know what it is about this place but I just love being there. I've never been to New York (and there's also a branch there) but I'd imagine being in Balthazar is what it feels like. I feel really Sex and the City when I'm there but can't put my finger on why. It's quite art deco in design, similar to The Ivy, and just one of those perfectly traditional but still very classy places to eat.

Of course poached eggs and avocado was the order of the day for me and this comes with a delicious, crisp and fresh salsa on the side. And when I say fresh, I mean literally just chopped tomatoes, red onion, chillies and coriander, no pre made sauce; it's the perfect accompaniment. Angela opted for scrambled eggs with crab and we couldn't resist getting an order of pancakes to share, which definitely didn't disappoint. The pancakes were nice a thick but perfectly light and fluffy with the most delicious maple syrup and freshly chopped bananas on top. We washed this all down with Flat Whites and sparkling water and were left sufficiently stuffed but not uncomfortable.

So if you're heading to London and you want somewhere that's wonderfully decadent but welcoming at the same time, Balthazar is the one. I absolutely recommend everyone eats here once in their life and who knows, perhaps one day I'll make it to the New York one!

*If you're into afternoon tea definitely head down there before September as they are currently working with Bobbi Brown to celebrate their 25th anniversary with their exclusive Bobbi Brown Afternoon Tea; it's defo in my diary, any excuse for lipstick and cake ey!