Three Things For Me

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With the beginning of the new year you couldn't escape the blog posts and videos detailing hopes and dreams for 2016. I'm not one to make resolutions and I feel like I'm only really getting into the swing of this year now, but I've realised there are a couple of things I'm making specific efforts to achieve this year. 

And I know I'm not the only one, something I've seen and heard a lot regarding 2016 is how people are using the opportunity of the new year to start fresh and focus on themselves, and I'm no different; so here's three things I'm doing for me in 2016.

The Three F's

I've never been the sportiest of girls but I definitely have things I dip in and out of when I'm feeling like I need to move. Personal Training, Zumba and Yoga are all things I've dabbled in but never quite seem to stick but this year, I'm making it stick; super glue style. I started back training with my PT in November but something wasn't quite clicking. I felt lethargic, bored and just generally like I didn't care, but I knew I needed to keep going with it as eventually something would give and those endorphins would jump up and smack me in the face.

And last weekend it really did and I'm so happy with the sessions we've created. The circuits are perfect and I feel really positive about getting on track and having this as part of my weekly routine. I also took a yoga class with Grace last week that's really kicked my butt into wanting to get back into it. I found a studio near work and will be doing my first class tomorrow evening. I'm hoping to keep that up every week and finally be able to do a headstand like it's no big deal. I even want to try and give running a proper go and bought a couple of new Nike running tops to encourage me, I mean, you've gotta look good even when working out right?

Another thing I can really easily go off the boil with is food. I've put on a stone in the last year and am currently the heaviest I've ever been. Now I know it's not all about the number on the scales or the size of your trousers but I really feel the worst I've ever felt in terms of my size and how my clothes fit. I'm constantly uncomfortable and just feel heavy and disgusting. I'm by no means saying I'm obese and I don't want to be super skinny, but somethings gotta go as I know when summer comes, I'll be kicking myself for not sorting it sooner. Aside from that when you work full time you also spend a hell of a lot of money on food, and that can be super depressing when you look at your bank statement and all you have to show at the end of the month is copious amounts of Pret croissants and Wasabi sushi.

I got a NutriBullet last year and started using it regularly just after I moved into my current flat and honestly, it's the best thing I've ever bought. The amount of fruit and veg I pack into a smoothie I would never pack into my meals each day. So every morning I've been blasting my green juice and having it as a mid morning snack to curb any cravings before lunch. I'll be putting up my current fav recipe here soon but if you haven't started juicing, guuurl you need to get on it. I've also been really good at food prepping too. I've been making sure to cook big batches of chicken, fish and beef every week so I can mix up my menu and not stray into Tesco's come Wednesday. Yes, it can be annoying having to plan everything out but it's so so worth it once you get into the habit. 

Finding Time
One thing I've done since I left uni and ventured into the big bad world of being a grown up and holding down a proper job, is going at a million miles an hour. Perhaps it's the creative in me but I can never seem to focus on one thing. Whether it's wanting to become a fashion buyer, an editor, a hairdresser or full time youtuber, I've been juggling them all for the last 10 years, and I think it's finally time to just stop. For those of you that have followed me for a while you may know I gave up my career in web content to finally pursue my long time dream of becoming a hairdresser. But, as much as I loved doing it, being that much older (27 when I started training) the sacrifices were just too much. People like to say that money isn't everything but when you don't have it, are in debt and live in London, it really is and the stress of not having it and not knowing when or if I'd ever have it, far outweighed any short lived happiness 'doing what I loved' gave me.

But it wasn't all doom and gloom, I was lucky enough to secure another dream job all due to me re-training in hairdressing. I made some contacts at a hairdressing trade magazine and when a position came up as web editor, I was lucky enough to get it. Now I'm producing content surrounding hair and running their social media channels everyday. I get to go on press trips, see shows at fashion week, pop to the latest launches and couldn't tell you how many products I get to try every month. I really have landed on my feet and I never saw it coming, so it's time for me to sit back, stay focused and really enjoy the fruits of my what seemed like my never ending labour. Now I'm using the weekend to do things I really want to be doing; exercising, creating my own content, and making plans. Travel, exhibitions, reading magazines, family and friends is all I want to fill my free time with and I'm at the point now where I can, and I'm determined to enjoy it because who knows what's round the corner. YOLO right? (yeh I did just say that)

What three things are you focusing on this year?

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