Blogging: Innocent Voyeurism or Manipulative Narcissism?

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I've been in a bit of a funk recently. 

I've been uploading youtube videos and posts to various blogs for the past 6 years or so, and in that time, it's changed dramatically. This is something we all know, and although for the most part this is a fantastic development for young people and the internet in general, it doesn't come without it's criticisms. 

The thing I've been finding the most difficult in this part of the internet, is the recent shift into peddling a more luxurious version of a lifestyle. When I first started reading blogs this was definitely the norm. Girls like Rumi, Olivia, Karla, and Aimee allowed me to escape into this unknown world of perfect photography, etherial lighting and meticulously put together outfits that paired together, somehow looked so effortless, and certainly was desirable. 

The key thing about blogging then and now however, was, to me, this was genuine documentation.

Blogging is such a huge business now and so formulaic I find that this genuine passion for sharing has moved on from innocent voyeurism, to manipulative narcissism. Yes people develop their character, inevitably earn more money and change their tastes but recently, whenever I open up snapchat, instagram or youtube, I keep finding myself asking, who is this for?

Do I really need to know that you've bought ANOTHER ChloƩ bag this month or which Dior shoes you can't make your mind up between. If I'm ever in the position to buy a high priced product, the last thing I would be doing is taking to snapchat and asking opinions. I know what I like, I work hard, so I'm buying it, no question. Then maybe I'll tag it in an outfit and that's that, I go on living my life. Of course I understand people are genuinely interested in these things, but the reality is, not many people can or ever will be able to spend at this rate and it's the total removal from anything rooted in reality, coupled with the onslaught of various platform documentation surrounding this that concerns me. It's like being back at school and all the popular girls trying to out do each other with who has the newest Sketchers; only now Sketchers have been replaced with designer bags.

What I'm trying to say is, blogging has always been materialistic but recently, it's out of control. I've always found when people really flash their possessions in that way quite poor taste, you may as well just snapchat your bank statement and be done with it; we get it, you're minted now. It's gone from 'oh I like that I feel inspired', to 'her life is so amazing, why can't I have that, my life's so s**t'. I feel like there's no room anymore to just be, be without the intention of spending money or inciting jealousy in other people, to be without any agenda other than self fulfilling and not to do with anyone or anything else around you. 

So as it's Valentine's Day, I'm encouraging you to indulge in you. Sit and read your favourite book, listen to 6Music, bake something, go eat a roast and if you must watch youtube, don't watch the people or subject's that make you feel inadequate. Make it more satisfying by switching onto something slightly more thought provoking. Some of my current favourites include refinery29, British Vogue, Glossier, Chelseawears and Chrissstttiiine

And don't forget to buy yourself some flowers too.

I must just finish this by saying of course, I love this world and I love reading blogs, but please stop trying to make me see you as this generation's Carrie clearly doesn't buy taste and at the end of the day, this is all just stuff; it's fun, it's indulgent but it's not the key to happiness.