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& Other Stories Kungsholmstorg Scented Candle

With it being the New Year and all that I thought I'd get the year off to a good start and buy myself a little treat. I've recently moved and there seems to be a distinct lack of candles in my new space...mainly because I haven't bought any! So I thought I'd start as I mean to go on and picked up this new addition on a recent shopping trip.

& Other Stories is a store that is always on my hit list whenever I'm in London, so you can imagine how elated I was to see a window board pitch up in my local shopping centre saying '& Other Stories Opening December'.

Well you would've thought I'd be queuing outside on the opening day but in actual fact, I hadn't had a chance to go shopping in my local town for the whole of December. I'm based in London day to day so I did a lot of my Christmas shopping on the Kings Road (oooh la la) or Amazon. 

But this year Christmas was good to me and for the first time in I don't know how long, I actually got to have the whole two week festive period off as my office closed for Christmas and New Year.  I'm not an avid sale shopper but one store I do like to make sure I pop into at least once over sale time is Cos. So yesterday I managed to claw myself out of my cheese and chocolate induced coma and make my way into town to hit up Cos and check out the new & Other Stories store.

Of course it's no different to the Regent Street store but one thing I hadn't noticed before was their candles - a new addition to the range or am I just really unobservant? Anyway I had a whiff around and decided I couldn't leave the store without this one called Kungsholmstorg. I could try and describe all the notes in beautiful literary prose but I'll settle with this description, it smells just like Diptyque Feu De Bois but for half the price and hopefully a lot less dirty smoke (I do love Diptyque but they don't half burn filthy!). And if you haven't smelled that one it essentially smells like firewood and tabacco, which is my perfect home scent, even more so at this cosy time of year.

For some reason this candle is saying it's £19 online but I paid £17 - still a bit of a splurge depending on how necessary a candle is to your life (for me they're starting to become very necessary) but I just love everything about it. The pot feels like frosted/matte ceramic and I love how dainty but industrial looking the string and label looks. The label isn't glued so it's easy to remove to recycle the pot for cotton buds/pads or makeup brushes once the candles burnt down.

They had so many other beautiful candles and I'd really recommend going in and having a whiff, they're a great slightly cheaper but just as indulgent treat to yourself if you can't quite justify burning away £40 with Diptyque!

Have you tried any candles from & Other Stories?

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