I'm Wearing | Missguided Chunky Jumper

Missguided Jumper | Topshop Hayden Jeans | Office Mules

The temperature has seriously dropped in the UK since Jan hit. And to be honest, I'm not that upset about it coz it finally means I can wear my beloved knitwear pieces without getting overheated.

I got this jumper from Missguided after seeing one of my favs Hannah wearing the red one like a boss.

I love chunky knits, period, but for me, this is even more perfect because I absolutely love the neckline.  It's substantial enough that it stands up by itself but soft enough that it moves with you and doesn't make you feel restricted or like you're choking...not that a jumper often does that but you know sometimes you just feel a bit suffocated by a chunky roll neck?

So now the cold weather seems to be sticking around I'm finding any excuse to pull this beauty out of the closet as well as trying to restrict myself from buying anymore Missguided knitwear...there's just so.much.GOODNESS!

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