The One Palette Face

Kat Von D Shade & Light Contour Palette

When it comes to this time of year and getting your face together, I think we can all agree, the less effort the better. I've been pretty obsessed with this Kat Von D palette since I got it back in the summer. Not only are the powders silky soft and easy to work with, but this is a great, do your whole face with one palette option.

It was actually a happy accident that I decided to start using this palette to do my whole face. I was in a rush one morning before work and just thought 'what the hell, I'm not going crazy on the eyes, I'll just use my contour powder'. It's only now I think about it I see how much sense that actually makes.

If you're defining any part of your face, using your bronzing or contouring shade is a great way to add that subtle definition and tie everything together without overloading on products. A perfect solution if you travel a lot or are trying to size down your makeup collection.

I start off with Lucid (the peachier shade) working as my transition shadow, this adds some subtle warmth without making the look too smokey. It's then down to how I feel regarding how much bronzer/contour shade I use but I'll usually buff in some Shadowplay (the bronzier shade) before taking a more precise brush like a MAC 217 to carve out my desired shape with Subconscious (the contour shade). This is a slightly cooler tone so great for helping to sculpt any areas you fancy, be it eye socket, cheekbone or the perimeter of your face. I also love cutting out the contour at the base of my eyebrow to the top of my nose with this shade, for a super defined but subtle eye look.

Have you got any one palette wonders in your stash?

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