Currently Loving | Sanctuary Spa Soufflé Scrub

When it comes to bath and body, I have to say, I'm not overly bothered. Sure I have some preferences with products; it needs to smell good (anything fruity and fresh usually works) it needs to exfoliate but also needs to be able to foam and lastly it can't dry out my skin; nothing too high maintenance right?!

But when it comes to scrubs trying to get all these things together in anything other than a Radox bottle can prove quite the task. There's nothing wrong with Radox in fact, my regular go-to is the Radox Spa Shower Scrub, and to me this the perfect shower gel. The right amount of scrub that foams up a treat and doesn't dry my skin. But when it comes to a 'scrub in a tub', like the Soap and Glory Sugar Crush for example, I find I usually need to mix this with a shower gel to get any sort of foam which will allow it to spread around the old bod nice and evenly.

I've had this Sanctuary Spa Air Whipped Soufflé Scrub for a while. They were kind enough to send it to me along with their Cooling Range and I just put it in my 'to try' pile.

I moved recently and moving is always a good way to go through everything you have and decide what you want to throw out/use up/actually use and all I can say is I'm glad this came back into the mix because this could be close to a perfect scrub. The consistency is just as it says, whipped, so it's light to use but feels super indulgent. The scrubbie beads (technical term) are just enough to exfoliate without being overly abrasive and once again, referring to that whipped consistency, skin is left feeling really hydrated and touch-ably soft...why do we always say that 'touch-ably soft?' Surely the fact something is any kind of soft makes it automatically touchable?

Anyway, I digress. Overall I really do enjoy this product and it's perfect for this time of year especially if, like me, you suffer from itchy, dry skin, especially on your legs. It's like a hug in a tub...yes I did just say that.