What a difference a year makes...

Yesterday was my 31st Birthday...yup...31.

I can't quite believe it either, to be honest, it seems like only yesterday I was turning 21.

Monki Coat | Monki Jumper | Topshop Trousers | Birkenstock Arizona Sandals | Cos Bag (similar)

But saying that it actually doesn't seem like yesterday.

My life has changed so much, even just within this last year, let alone over the last 10 years!

It's really been the making of me the last 3 or 4 years and I finally feel like I'm slowly starting to get to that place called 'there'.

If you've been following me for a while you'll know over the last few years I've gone through work drama, emotional drama, a career change and at the beginning of the year, a pretty nasty lung infection. I don't think I can describe just how hopeless I felt at the beginning of this year. It sounds dramatic but I honestly thought I'd made completely the wrong decisions in life and would always be struggling, struggling emotionally and especially struggling financially.

I started off 2015 living back at home with Mum, no money, pretty much no job and what I thought was no future. I'd tried to better myself by following a path I thought I would be happy doing; who needs money when you're doing what you love ey?

Turns out you do need money, and to a certain extent you need that more than you need to be doing what you love. Don't get me wrong I'm happy I decided to pursue hairdressing, but at the end of the day, and I don't want to sound like a total party pooper but it's true, if you don't have enough money, life is shit. It's worrying, it's scary and it's bleak and I don't mean having access to millions, I mean just having enough money to cover your basics so you can live as 'stress-free' a life as you can control. Enough money to pay your bills, have somewhere to live and eat out or treat yourself to a new top with what's left. Honestly if you can afford to look after yourself, you're rich in my eyes and should be really proud that you can do that. It really takes a lot of stress away if you don't have to worry about having enough money. Sure there's ALOT of other things that can be stressful in life, but if you can be OK with money, that's a huge chunk of worry gone.

Specifically within the last couple of months my life has changed drastically. I've managed to get a job that not only pays me well, but I actually really enjoy. It's the job I went to uni for and the career I've always wanted. I've got a new car and in just over a month, I'll be moving in to rent my first flat by myself, no flatmates, just me. Something I've been wanting for years and at the beginning of the year, did not think would ever be possible.

Of course we're not completely out of the woods, now I have to be really careful with money. Now it's just me paying everything rather than sharing the load with flatmates and that can be a real strain, but I'm determined to make it work.

There's been a lot of ups and downs but here we are, starting 31 in a much more comfortable and stable place. Things may not always go to plan but if the last few years and especially months have taught me anything, it's how quickly things can change and my god, what a difference a year makes...