Ride or Die | MAC Matte Lipsticks

MAC Stone | MAC Whirl

If Kylie Jenner can be held solely accountable for anything, it's the rise of the brown lip. That and making young girls everywhere think the answer to all their insecurities is plastic surgery (but that's another blog post).

Right - MAC Stone | Left - MAC Whirl

As a genuine child of the 90s, as in, legit grew up and wasn't just born then (shout out early 80s babies) the brown lip was a definite style staple. Rimmel Fudge Brownie was the first lipstick I remember owning and religiously reapplying at the age of 12, somewhat surreptitiously in Mrs Hayden's Physics lesson.

As the teen years hit the ombre influences of Mary J Blige, T Boz out of TLC and babygirl Aaliyah hit, the perfect amount of dark liner and light lipstick was all that concerned me, but I remember never being able to find anything similar in the UK. Matte lipsticks didn't seem to exist when I was growing up so 17's Heatherberry was the closest I could get. This was a dark purple shimmer so you can see, the nude game wasn't too hot on the UK highstreet.

Fast forward about 15 years and here we are, full circle. You get to an age where trends start to come back around that you were there to witness the first time and at the age of 31, the growth of the 90s (be it grunge, britpop or rave) is definitely somewhat weird for me to be experiencing. But definitely welcomed as I genuinely think that was the best decade to grow up in. Shows like Sister Sister, Clarissa, My So Called Life and Moesha teamed with films like The Craft, Clueless (of course) and 10 Things I Hate About You just piss all over whatever it is that is going on in the media today...I may not love the fact I'm the wrong side of 30, but having been able to experience the 90s as a kid, I wouldn't change it for the world.

So enough nostalgia and back to the matter at hand; these are my two current fav '90's' lip picks. MAC released two of there biggest selling lip liners as lipsticks in their recent matte range and I couldn't miss the opportunity to own them. Ever since I got Stone I haven't stopped wearing it, for me it's the perfect shade, slightly cool-toned but not as grey as you'd think and super sassy. It's definitely a conversation starter as despite just being a 'brown' lipstick, there really is something quite unique about the shade.

Whirl is a liner I wasn't so crazy about. I can't really decide why, it just didn't wow me. But I picked up the lipstick, well just coz really, and was so shocked at how much I loved it. I have no idea why this wears so much better on me than the lip liner, perhaps being a lipstick the pigment is just more substantial but whatever it is, it's another regular rotation.