Let's Eat | Brunch at Hubbard & Bell

If there's something I love to do, it's go out for food, breakfast, lunch, dinner, whatever I bloody love a meal out.

Something that's become somewhat of a favourite for me is going out for brunch, and last weekend Grace and I went to try out the offering served up at The Hoxton Hotel.

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Hubbard and Bell is based directly inside The Hoxton Hotel and bases itself on a laid-back, Brooklyn style eatery. I love the interior and as you can see, even the loos are fab!

Let's get straight to the point, the food. I was pretty hungry but also felt a bit sicky (working far too much!) so opted for the smaller version of the Full English. I left a couple of things out like black pudding and mushrooms (bleurgh - the ones in the pic are Grace's) and was left pretty satisfied afterwards. The scrambled egg was just how I like it, slightly creamy but 'sealed' I suppose you'd say, as in drier rather than wet on the outside, if you can see what I mean.

I also ordered a cold press apple juice which basically tasted like liquidised Granny Smiths...it was absolutely divine and I'd quite happily have ordered three had they not cost about £4 a time!

Despite expensive juice, I think Hubbard & Bell is actually quite reasonably priced considering its based in a swanky, London hotel. I would definitely go back and really liked the variety of the menu, everything from chia pudding to avocado to a full english is served so there's something for everyone.

We also ordered a couple of hot drinks to finish off. I of course ordered a tea and Grace fancied a Hot Chocolate which tasted absolutely insane, it had to have been melted chocolate bars it was that rich and creamy - perfect for a cold autumn morning.