Currently Loving | Sabon Shower Oil...

Sabon is a brand I had never heard of until recently. I was invited to the launch of their Christmas collection (yes it's that time of year already) in their Covent Garden store and couldn't make it. However, the lovely girls over there sent me a couple of bits to try out and I have to say, it could be love.

For a bit of background, Sabon opened it's first store in Tel Aviv and has since expanded to 130 locations including, New York, Tokyo, Amsterdam, Rome and of course the UK. When I first saw the packaging it was something I could imagine being placed in chic hotels like the Ace or perhaps The Hoxton, very 'downtown chic' with a touch of country charm in my opinion, but not too twee...we don't like twee (sorry Cath Kidston).

As I mentioned I've been trying a couple of things, both of which I've been really impressed with, but the stand-out-change-my-bathroom-life product has to be this Shower Oil, in the scent Clear Dream. The fragrance is just beautiful; really fresh, slightly sweet and all together very luxurious. But don't be fooled, this is no oil in the traditional sense. It foams up beautifully, like a shower cream and leaves my skin soft and moisturised with (most importantly) no oily residue or build up. All the products are paraben (preservative) and SLS (sulfate) free using uniquely sourced ingredients from places like the Amazon Rainforest and the Dead Sea. I'm not sure that they would pitch it like this but think of it as a grown up version of Lush.

To sum up,  I'd really recommend going and having a sniff of the products at least, and perhaps picking up a Shower Oil too!  I still haven't managed to make it to store but I'm making it my mission before the year is out...Christmas is round the corner!