New In | The Sanctuary Cooling Range...

If there's one thing London isn't good at, it's comfort in the summer. Yes it can be wonderful when the sun eventually comes out; tinnies in the park and long, lazy lunches. But for London locals, it can also mean unbearable tube temperatures and hot, sweaty, misery 24/7.

When it gets particularly hot I'll shower twice a day, as you wake up hot and get home hot. I can't tell you just how torturous the tube, and more specifically the Central line, can be - it's not colour coded red for no reason let me tell you! So when The Sanctuary Cooling Range dropped through my door on a particularly hot morning I couldn't have been happier.

Just the names are enough to chill you out after a hotbox journey of a commute home. The range is made up of the Cooling Shower Drench, Cooling Body Sorbet and Cooling Glacial Scrub. The stand out product to me has to be the Cooling Body Sorbet as it's the main product where I can actually feel the cooling properties, perfect for swollen legs and feet and is also a great option to take to the gym to soothe hot muscles after a grueling yoga session.

Overall it's a fab range from one of my go to bath and body brands. The price points are great and Boots currently have 3 for 2 so you can grab these for yourself and still have money left over for a cheeky ice cream!

Will you be cooling yourself down with The Sanctuary?