Let's Eat | Voodoo Ray's...

If there's one thing those close to me will know, it's my undying love for pizza. If I wana good cheat day indulgence, pizza will usually be it. So it made sense that on a recent trip home after an intense yoga session, my flatmate and I paid a visit to East London hot spot, Voodoo Ray's.

OK, so there was perhaps a hint sarcasm in that last sentence, as a day involving yoga is rarely a cheat day but whatevs, it was cold.

Based in Boxpark, Shoreditch with another branch chilling over in Dalston, Voodoo Ray's offers a pizza experience I think the UK is definitely lacking; a go-to destination for pizza by the slice, not even a go-to, just the option to order pizza by the slice would be a start.

One thing that always makes me feel sooooo bad if I'm ordering pizza by myself, which to be honest, is usually the case, is that fact I only have the choice to order a whole pizza. Sometimes all you want is a little taste to satisfy your naughty craving and pizza by the slice is the perfect way to do this.

The pizza served up at Voodoo Rays itself is perhaps some of the best I've ever had. Now I've never been to the states so don't completely take my word for it, but UK wise; it shits all over pretty much every other pizza place. The base is just crispy enough, it doesn't feel heavy and sickly like Domino's and is great dipped in their amazing Garlic Mayo. As you can see my flatmate and I opted for one whole slice each and half of a second slice. I went for the Hot Mix 5 and Angela got The Meat is On. We then shared a slice of a good old Hawaiian and again, I must stress, this was perhaps the best Hawaiian around! We washed these down with a cider and beer of which there's a huge selection, so anyone into the Kraft Beer craze is sure to be satisfied.

Wanting something sweet to finish off we then went back for a Frozen Margherita, the perfect accompaniment for our walk home. So good were they, I've often been tempted to pick one up after work, like a cheeky after-school, grown-up slush puppie.

Will you be paying a visit to Voodoo Ray's?