Currently Obsessed | MAC Polished Up...

Something I have been missing in my life for a long time is a brand, spanking new MAC lipstick discovery. I have the old faithfuls that I can't live without (step up Velvet Teddy and Honeylove) but I haven't had a real 'discovery' as in, not raved about on youtube, for a while, probs since my CB96 post, which STILL doesn't get the recognition it deserves.

MAC Polished Up £15.50

Enter MAC Polished Up. It's a shade I had never even heard of, but in celebration of getting a new job a few months ago, my blogging bestie, Grace, surprised me! There's so many reasons I love this lipstick, firstly it's a Lustre finish, next to Matte, it's my favourite finish from MAC and one I think is massively underrated. They are so comfortable to wear, richer in colour than a gloss as well as working beautifully over lip pencil to counteract any dryness. Get the right shade and you can give yourself a dimensional metallic sheen, making lips appear bigger and perfect for a 'no commitment' bold lip. The shade of Polished Up is perfect for me, just the right amount of brown and red tones for a modern take on a classic 90's lip.

Overall I looove this lippie. It's great to have makeup bought for you as you often discover some unexpected must haves that way. Have you heard of Polished Up?