Nails Did | Cheeky Parlour @ Barber & Parlour

One thing I've definitely not done enough of in my adult life is get regular manicures, and when I say enough of, I mean ever. Rubbish nails coupled with the fact I think my hands look chubby and baby-like, as well as my previous stint in a hair salon equating to my hands being immersed in water 90% of my day, I never really saw the point. But being back in an office and becoming a bonifide grown up once again, I decided I wanted to give nail growing a good go. I invested in the Renunail Cuticle Oil, with the hope I would apply every night followed by hand cream (still trying to get into that routine) and took the plunge by booking a manicure at Shoreditch House successor; Barber and Parlour.

I'd been wanting an excuse to check out this 3 floored beauty heaven for a while, and following my recent relocation back to the charming streets of Hackney, I thought it would be the perfect introduction to my new life in the city. Located on Redchurch Street, Barber and Parlour is a beauty lovers Mecca. Home to Neville Barbers, The Cheeky Parlour (Cowsheds younger, laid back sister) containing Hair by Josh Wood, the Electric Cinema and the Barber and Parlour Kitchen, if you're in need of some serious pamper time located in chilled out and familiar surroundings, this is your place. The layout is perfectly Shoreditch, once you open the converted warehouse doors you're greeted with fresh fruit and veg. The suitably urban/nouveau country inspired eating space for the Barber and Parlour Kitchen, serves up cold pressed juices, a mix of small plates including salads and delicious toasted sandwiches, and there's even cocktails should you fancy taking the edge off; a bit of dutch courage before a wax perhaps?!

It was The Cheeky Parlour we were heading to today for the Cheeky Works Manicure. For £20 you get, as it says in the title, 'the works'. That's a file and shape, cuticle work, buff and slick of paint to finish off chosen from Cheeky's very own in house brand of polishes. I decided to go for the shade Eat, Sleep, Grey, the perfect greyish/mauve neutral and 4 days later, it's still going strong. Billie, who tended to my talons, was so friendly and made my poor excuse for nails look polished, perfected and even slightly longer, I'm not even tempted to scratch off the polish, what has happened to me?!

I went on a Monday afternoon so it was nice and quiet, just how I like it, but if you love the hustle and bustle of a busy salon, evenings and weekends are the time to go. Coffee in any form is complimentary, and I don't mean disgusting machine stuff, this is the real deal; I was able to drink my Flat White with no sugar and that says a lot! There's a cute beauty store as well stocking cult favourites from Eyeko to Elizabeth Arden. I love how the layout is so open making it the perfect destination for a sociable pamper sesh with friends, or go alone for an excuse to catch up on Sunday supplements and bring yourself back to reality after a busy week.

Overall I love this place and would highly recommend it to any London dwelling pamper princess, I'm keen to go back and sample the culinary delights on offer from the Barber and Parlour Kitchen (is that my roots that need doing?!) and am so glad I've found a beauty salon I can feel comfortable in. For London I think the prices are great, and it creates a real beauty destination rather than a quick pop in and go deal.

Have I tempted you to indulge in a Cheeky Treatment?