Lazy Sunday...

Vintage Levi Shirt | Topshop Trousers | Birkenstocks | Bailey Nelson Sunglasses

Is there anything better than a lazy Sunday? After the chaos of moving, I nominated this weekend as a much needed rest and recoup session. Copius amounts of carbs, flushed down with wine whilst lazing in front of Orange is the New Black...perfect.

But I did need to nip out so I threw on my current go to 'lazy chic' look.

I'm fast becoming obsessed with shirts: denim, chambury, flannel, linen, if they're oversized, I'm on it. Especially when paired with loose, slightly tailored trousers and of course my summer staple, a pair Birkenstocks.

I went to an event the other night hosted by Astrid & Miyu at the Bailey Nelson Spitalfields store. I'd never heard of Bailey Nelson before but they are an amazing sunglasses brand from Oz. Having a smallish, pea size head, I find it hard to shop for sunglasses so tend to stick to the same kind of style and don't have many pairs. I've discovered the John Lennon style round frames like the classic Ray Ban Round Metal ones or these cute ASOS versions are the perfect match for me, but have always coveted the super glam cat eye frame. These always seem to be huge though and I had given up on ever finding a pair that would fit...until now. As soon as I tried these on I knew I had to have them. And the service I received at Bailey Nelson was incredible, they tried them on me to make sure they sat correctly and even altered the arms slightly for an even better fit. Not to mention the super chic leather box they come in and cute dust cloth. They're quite hard to get hold of so you can of course find similar ones here on ASOS if you don't face the same small head challenges I do!

So now I have this idea of building a sunglasses wardrobe, as if I need more accessories to obsess over!

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