Currently Obsessed | Tom Ford Eye Quad...

I must confess, for someone who loves makeup as much as I do, I'm not really an eyeshadow girl. I own a lot, and I've always wanted to be, but more often than not, I'll happily go without.

Saying that, when I can be bothered, I like to either sit and have a play, or make an extra special effort with a leaning toward an Olsen inspired look. An (often) matte, grungy depth and smoked out lower lashline can really pull your look together, especially if you're feeling rather lazy in all other aspects of making an effort!

Step up the Tom Ford Eye Quad. I first spied this on a Pixiwoo tutorial inspired by Emma Willis, another great advocate of the grunge eye, so of course, I had to have it. It is a massive splurge however, but at the time I was lucky enough to be working for Estee Lauder who have perhaps the best benefits of any beauty retailer in the world. They offer 65% off all brands they own, Tom Ford is included in that so I had no excuse but to pick one up for myself. And I have to say, although I can't say hand on heart, 'yes, it's definitely worth the £63 price tag', (I actually don't think any kind of makeup is worth that kind of price) they are beautiful eyeshadows. The thing about matte eyeshadows specifically, is they sometimes don't blend very easily and can look patchy and chalky, especially the darker shades. But these, as expected for the price, are so smooth and buttery soft, they blend like a dream, although I would still always say to use a primer underneath, just to even out the surface of your eyelid. But I love working with these and I can see why they are so genuinely popular amongst the beauty community. It's not just a flashy must have, they really do the job extremely well.

So whilst I'm not condoning rushing out and dropping the cash on one of these, if you genuinely love eyeshadow and use them a lot, this could be a great investment, or even idea for any upcoming gifting time. It's the kind of thing where I would say, if you only own one palette, make it Tom Ford. And I haven't even mentioned the packaging, each palette is housed in a beaut velvet pouch just to make sure your palette stays extra special for longer.

Have you been seduced by Tom Ford?