Worth the hype? | Colab Dry Shampoo...

Colab Dry Shampoo | Colab Dry Shampoo Extreme Volume
If there's one thing I cannot live without, it's dry shampoo. Being a hairdresser, I've pretty much tried them all and I definitely have a few personal faves I could not live without as well as ones I would recommend to clients time after time. As soon as I heard the buzz around one of my fave beauty gaaals, Ruth Crilly's partnership with Colab, I had to see what's up. Knowing her history as a pretty boss model, I can guarantee; what that girl doesn't know about keeping that hurrrr did, isn't worth knowing.
Of course to make this a well rounded review I had to give both the regular and the extreme volume a whirl (any excuse) and my suspicions regarding both were pretty much right on. 

The regular version is really lightweight; I mean has it done anything to my hair lightweight, and although it's not quite enough grit for me, if you love your hair smooth and shiny and find other dry shampoos far too heavy, this is for you. I'm pretty sure that's why it's got the rave reviews it has, it really doesn't interfere with any styling you already do and its a great product to replace any sticky or static-y feeling hairsprays. It's fab because you can genuinely use it day after day and there's no build up whatsoever. A real staple for any low maintenance manes out there. 

For me, I prefer something heavy duty. I love matte texture so having always gravitated more toward the Batiste XXL Volume, I just had to give the extreme volume version a go. And my suspicions were correct; to me it's almost exactly like the Batiste XXL only not quite as heavy and drying, which is a good thing. But use with caution, one spray too many and you'll be feeling like you need to wash your hair again. You can add a teeny top up everyday but you really don't need much, again this is a good thing as I go through dry shampoo like there's no tomorrow, plus it's perfect for getting robust volume that stays put.

Overall, the best thing about both of these products is no white cast and no build up, both disappear with a wash and condition so they get a massive thumbs up from me. 

 Have you got on the Colab hype?