Save or splurge | The battle of the highlighter pens...

MAC Prep & Prime in Light Boost £18.50 | L'oreal True Match Touche Magique in Rose Beige £8.19
Thanks to the Kardashians, highlighting concealer pens are the must have for a lifted, perfectly framed complexion, I like to call it the Morticia Addams effect, that soft focus light radiating around the eye, cheekbone and nose area. 

When the coveted contour and highlighting technique videos sprung up onto youtube, one of the most popular products to replicate the highlighted under eye was the MAC Prep & Prime Highlighter pens, specifically in Light Boost or Radiant Rose, depending on your complexion. Since then so many dupes have popped up from high end to high street, and as usual with these save or splurge posts, I'm giving you the lowdown on two opposite ends of the spectrum to help you decide whether it's worth the splurge, or save your pennies...

Splurge: MAC Prep & Prime in Light Boost: I'll just save time and say straight off, I do not like this product. When I first got it I was so excited to use it, it does a good job of brightening my complexion but something about the consistency just doesn't quite do it for me. I find it can easily look cakey, sinks into the creases under my eyes really badly and clings to dry patches. You also need to work quickly with it as I've found, like with a lot of MAC base products, it oxidises almost immediately.

Save: L'oreal True Match Touche Magique Concealer: I picked this up just under a year ago now and it really was love at first swipe. I had wanted to try a high street version of a highlighter pen and it was between this and Maybelline's Dream Lumi Concealer. Having been so impressed with the L'oreal True Match Foundation, I decided it made sense to go for it's highlighting counterpart. I love the shade, it's slightly warmer with the tiniest hint of pink, great for helping to neutralise bluey, green tones and assist with brightening. It's a really light and blendable consistency, I find it works great with the Real Techniques Complexion Sponge and adds a really flattering dewy glow, without looking overly shimmery. As it's so light it doesn't cake and I don;t seem to get the same problem as the MAC one with it clinging to dry patches, all in all a massive thumbs up.

So the jury's out, it's a definite save this week. I find the MAC highlighter difficult to work with and although I like the brightening effect, the consistency gives a less than desirable looking finish. I'm really starting to rate L'oreal for their bases and am keen to give the original True Match Concealer a go as well as the True Match Powder.

Have you used either of these and do you love or loathe?

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