Save or splurge: Face Powders...

Chanel Les Beiges Powder | Bourjois Healthy Balance Powder

It's a pretty well known fact these days that high street beauty brand Bourjois, is owned by high end, connoisseurs of the coveted, Chanel. And in that comes a host of similarities that we can draw between products; most notably the scent, but there is also a great deal of similarity between colours, formulas and finishes.
So for today's post, I decided to shine the spotlight on, perhaps not the most exciting product when it comes to makeup, but definitely an essential for an oily skinned gal like myself.

When I first browsed the shelves of Chanel, one thing that jumped out at me as a must-have, was the Les Beiges Healthy Glow Sheer Powder. I think this was due to, not only the extravagant and rather unnecessary amount of packaging, but having heard top tier enabler, Lisa Eldridge sing its praises, I knew I had to try it. As I mentioned before I have oily skin however this does not equate to me wanting a purely matte finish; I still want some kind of natural glow, but one that's controlled. And that's one thing I like about this powder, it really does control the shine, without adding any cake. I really only powder my T-Zone and a then little onto my cheeks beside my nose and if I'm honest, unless temperatures are high, I don't tend to top up throughout the day. It's worth noting that, should you be blessed with naturally, quite clear skin, buffed in with a kabuki brush this works beautifully as a 'your skin but healthier' sheer base. Enveloped in its velvet coat and creamy, polished compact, it does come with a brush, but as most tools included in compacts, this is pretty redundant. I find it works best with the Bobbi Brown Sheer Powder Brush for a seamless, clean finish.

I then picked up the Bourjois Healthy Balance Powder last summer. I think I was planning a video using only high street makeup and hadn't been too impressed by the Rimmel Stay Matte Powder. I'd heard a couple of people mention this as a great option, and I preferred the packaging over the Maybelline Fit Me Powder, so decision made. Let's just point out the two biggest similarities; the scent and the use of the word 'healthy' in both titles. And really this is what drew me them, the promise of a matte finish with a healthy glow. And I must say with Bourjois, it was love at first swipe. There was a time within the first few months of using it that I completely disregarded my Chanel powder. Shoved to the back of my Muji storage, I felt disgusted at the thought of its £39 price tag, when this Bourjois beauty was there all along, eager to do exactly the same job, and far cheaper. 

So onto the ultimate question; to save or to splurge...the jury's out on this one and the verdict is most definitely, save your money and go for the Bourjois. It applies just as well, creating a sheer, airbrushed canvas and the packaging is so much more travel friendly, especially as my Chanel hinges completely broke despite only ever being housed in a Muji drawer, hmph.

What do you guys think, save or splurge?