Must Read | Berlin Street Style...

Berlin Street Style: A Guide to Urban Chic | Angelika Taschen

One thing I love to collect is what I would call, 'display books'. You know, the beautifully decorated, hard back, often slightly larger than average books that have fab content, in my case usually pertaining to style, beauty or culture, but also look great on the coffee table, bookshelf or even in the hallway if you have one.

I visited Berlin for the big 3 0 last October as it's somewhere that had always appealed to me, both culture and style wise. It had been on my 'to go' radar for a while and as someone who rarely travels, I thought if I ever needed an excuse to just do it, the 30th was it. Leading up to my departure I became obsessed with everything Berlin, specifically instagram accounts and foodie heaven website, So when I saw this book when I returned, I had to have it, and I think Santa was listening as I received it for Christmas.

Angelika Taschen is renowned for publishing books under the umbrella of 'the arts', and having a degree in Fashion Journalism, I became quite familiar with a number of them. And this book is a welcome addition to my collection. It covers style, beauty, home and what I would class as an overall attitude to life. What I love about this book is, despite the perceived fashion aesthetic of chic equating to copious amounts of coffee and cigarettes, it preaches a healthy lifestyle, full of fresh produce and yoga classes, something I think is fast becoming the new wave of a fashionista's, or most peoples lifestyle for that matter.

One thing I do regret, is not having this book before I left for Berlin, I now have a whole list of places I completely missed...but what better excuse for a trip back come spring?!

Berlin not quite taking your fancy? If you're more traditional, there's also a Paris Street Style version...another one to add to the collection!

Any travel destinations and guides to go with them you'd recommend?