Five favourite | nude lipsticks...

 L-R MAC Taupe | MAC Velvet Teddy | MAC Honeylove | MAC Freckletone | Dior Rouge Trench

I never used to be into nude lipsticks. I was a definite, 'if you're gonna buy a lipstick, it may as well be bright, especially if it's from MAC'. But something happened around summertime last year and I became obsessed with finding 'the perfect nude'.

 T-B Dior Trench | MAC Freckletone | MAC Honeylove | MAC Velvet Teddy | MAC Taupe

Well it turns out, I have five. And on first look, I admit they are all very similar, but upon closer inspection, I think you'll agree that simply isn't the case.

Let me enlighten you...

Dior Nude Rouge in Trench: This was the first nude lipstick I really fell in love with. It was by chance we met, I was working in online beauty content and this was one of the many freebies I received (those were the days). I love this because it's really moisturising and is what I call, a no commitment colour. If you swipe it on at 7.30am and then forget for the rest of the day, you're fine. It's essentially a supped up lip balm. It adds a wash of colour whilst nourishing those chapped, winter lips. A perfect grab and go option.

MAC Freckletone: OK, so I have to agree, this isn't that different to the Dior one. I'd say the Dior one is every so slightly darker and less peachy. For some reason, I can justify both but in all honesty, this the one I reach for the most. A no fuss, works with any outfit and any makeup look.

MAC Honeylove: I have to blame Lydia for this. I spotted it in one of her gorge instagram posts last summer and it was love at first sight. You'll see from these last three favs, the MAC Matte finishes are amongst my favourite, along with above Lustre. I find this so comfortable to wear and love pairing with a slightly darker lip liner for my take on T-Boz circa '92. A perfectly creamy, true beige of a nude with no chalky finish and killer attitude.

MAC Velvet Teddy: I don't think you can scan the online beauty community these days without coming across Velvet Teddy. But before Kylie Jenner laid claim to its fabulousness the youtube sistren had its card marked. Of course it was the KyJenn effect that caused my splurge but I have never looked back. It's the perfect inbetween shade when you want an obvious nude lookin' lip without making too much of a statement. This love is real and it's not going anywhere.

MAC Taupe: I bought this at the same time as Velvet Teddy as I simply couldn't choose between them. Both serve a very different purpose for me, the former the more everyday, oh hey I'm kinda badass, the latter for the more obvious, I'm gettin' ma Riri Rude Gyaaaal on and I don't care who knows it. This looks amazing with bold brows and matte skin and has been my daily go to for most of winter.

What are your favourite nude lippies?