The Hair-raising dream team...

Philip Kingsley Body Building Shampoo* | Philip Kingsley Moisture Balancing Conditioner*

I'll be honest, as much as I love trialing and testing different shampoos and conditioners for you guys - as well as for myself as a hair stylist - writing a post up about them just doesn't excite me as much as say, a skincare or makeup review. I'm not sure why, I just much prefer chatting about them on my youtube channel. Perhaps it's because I sometimes feel at a loss for dynamic adjectives when it comes to hair, somehow ooph and schjoooz just doesn't quite translate to the written word.

So I'll keep this brief. When it comes to my hair there are three things to bare in mind, it's fine, it's flat and it's very, very damaged. Not the best combo when it comes to finding the perfect product. I need something nourishing to combat the damage without weighing it down, but also something light to add texture and volume without drying it out, as one thing I cannot stand, is flat, lifeless, hair...on anyone, not just me. And a product I would never look to, to solely give me volume is a shampoo. I've tried a lot of shampoos that claim to add body and volume but really, they're just much lighter formulas that don't weigh the hair down, but something about this one from Philip Kingsley just gives me, and my roots life. Like serious, standing up, noticeably raised from the root and much more abundant through the mid lengths and ends type o'life. I'm not sure what it contains, some kind of padding ingredients I'm sure, but it really does inflate your hair for incredible volume. And the conditioner is light enough to work with the shampoo, but still give my parched ends an injection of much needed moisture. Now I know it would be easy to dismiss the shampoo's effect by counteracting it with my million styling products I layer on, but in true beauty blogger style, I made sure to use this with no other styling products and the volume achieved was just as good.

So are you convinced? If you find your styling products are leaving you feeling a little flat (sorry I just had to) then I really recommend giving this duo a go. 

*PR Sample