In the middle of things...

Now Christmas is over and the new year is in full swing, the time has come to get shiz done. Over Christmas, I had a bit of a revelation in terms of my life, career, success, my future and all that boring stuff. I do find Christmas can be a bit overwhelming in that respect, but this year, I found it particularly difficult. But let's not dwell on my situation too much as I have made a decision, and I'm actively trying to get myself back on track. I know that sounds cryptic which can be really annoying, but once everything is sorted, y'all will be the first to know what exactly I'm talking about.

All Saints Coat | Primark Roll Neck | Primark Jeans | Dr Martens Shoes

Back to the subject of zee outfit, I've been loving pairing my Dr Martens with ankle socks and rolled up jeans recently, perhaps it was my trip to Berlin last year that's got embracing European, minimal dressing. I've always loved wearing neutral tones but I'm starting to introduce more androgynous shapes and outlines to go with it. I'm also loving navy and think it's best worn via this combo.

What kind of start has your year had?