Review | LVL Lash treatment...

Last week I was invited down to the Rush Beauty Salon in Sutton, to indulge in the coveted LVL lash treatment. The treatment is essentially a lash perm, with LVL standing for Length, Volume and Lift, so what better time of year than the highly anticipated party season?

Now this is quite a fiddley process and takes about 45 minutes, so be prepared for that if you're a bit funny about people touching your eyes/lashes. It's not uncomfortable, but can be a bit weird if you're not used to it. Rods are attached to your eyelids, above your lashes, your lashes are then stuck onto the rods and perm lotion applied, this stays on for about 15 mins (to be honest I can't remember how long but not more than 20!) Once the perm is done a lash tint is then applied to emphasis volume and lift. It's actually quite a relaxing experience once the rods are sorted, as you spend the whole appointment with your eyes closed, what better excuse to indulge in a quick power nap?

It's now been a week since I had my LVL treatment and I must say, I'm suitably impressed. My lashes aren't awful, the length is OK but they're pretty straight, even if I curl them, they only stay for a few hours, if that, and I have to set with mascara. With this treatment however, my lashes have kept that just curled look entirely, no sign of dropping and if I add mascara, I can give Kim K a run for her money! Well maybe not, but you get the idea. Straight after having the treatment done I did think, 'hmmm, it's a bit of a faff, not sure if it's something I'd have regularly', but after the long days and late nights of the festive season I have to say, I actually think I would be keen to have this treatment a few times in the year, summer, birthday and Christmas I think would work, but I could definitely see myself getting this done quite regularly as I really love the effect. Such a subtle thing, but has really lasted well and makes a real difference to any tired, dull complexion.

Once the treatment is finished, it's important to follow a couple of steps in the following 24 hours; do not expose yourself, and most importantly eyes to any steam, as the result will immediately drop, so no saunas, steamrooms, hot baths or hasty opening of ovens. Also no mascara or other makeup as this can also irritate the treatment, and once that's passed you're good to go.

Would you try the LVL Lash treatment, or have you and been converted?