Scrub a dub dub...

Soap and Glory Pulp Friction | Lush Mint Julips Lip Scrub

Now the colder nights, and days, have set in it's the time of year my skin gets super itchy, especially my legs. I dry up like a prune and in order to get smooth, irritation free skin, along with moisturising, I have to exfoliate. I have not found a better body exfoliator than the Soap and Glory Pulp Friction. And for one simple reason, it foams. A lot of body exfoliators, for some reason don't foam so I find them quite difficult to move around the skin and end up using so much more product. Without foam I also feel they can be a little too abrasive on the skin and I need to do a second scrub with a more creamy based product to soothe and remove any beads after exfoliating...ain't nobody got time for daaaaaaat. This is why I loooove Pulp Friction, the foaming in Pulp Friction helps to nourish and sooth the skin as well as exfoliate, I sometimes feel like I don't even need to moisturise afterwards it's that good. The second thing I need to keep on top of is lips. Winter means dark lipsticks, or on a more day to day basis for me, matte nude lipsticks, both of which need a smooth, sexy base to sit on, no flakes here thankyou! The Lush Mint Julips is one of my favourite lip exfoliators. I think it's pretty much just brown sugar , some oil and flavouring so you could easily make your own. I rub it all over my lips most evenings and then lick it off, which writing out sounds a bit gross but it's so nice. Alternatively you could just rub off with a tissue though if you're precious about it. I then follow this with what I can safely say is my all time bestest lip balm, the Jurlique Love Balm (not pictured) and there we go, smooth, nourished skin to see you through the coldest of winters with no probs.