Current face | the faux winter glow...

Illamasqua Gleam in Aurora | L'oreal True Match Illuminating Concealer | Bourjois Happy Light Foundation | Bourjois Healthy Balance Powder | Nars Orgasm Blush

I've kind of been switching up my makeup routine lately to incorporate a slight bit of sheen as the colder months are well and truly here. With that and the central heating, my skin can tend to look pretty dull, pretty easily.

Now being an oily gaaal, anything shimmery, illuminating or glowy is usually a no go. Although I absolutely love anything of that nature to buy, I'm a highlighting hoarder, I don't tend to get the use out of it that I would like.

Recently I have discovered a way to get a bit of glow going on without ending up looking like a sweaty, greasy mess. The secret is to apply a cream or liquid highlighter underneath powder so it secretly, shimmers through rather than sitting stark on the skin. Once I've applied my corrector, concealer and foundation, I'll go in with my highlighting products. Firstly I'll blend the L'oreal True Match Illuminator under my eyes in the Kardashian triangle shape, I'll them go in with a cream highlighter. This will stay on all day as long as you set it with powder, and my current favourite is a cult classic from Illamasqua, the Gleam highlighter in Aurora. A beautifully natural, gold sheen with peach glint. I apply this to all the high points of my face, cheekbones, the bridge of my nose, my cupids bow, chin, inner corners of the eyes and lastly just above the arch of my eyebrow. Now cream products and oily skin doesn't usually go, but I've a trick to make this last all day and look less like, oh here's my highlighter and more like, this is my natural glow from within. As all my liquid products are now on my face I can set it with powder. I have been loving the Bourjois Healthy Balance powder for a couple of months now so I pat this onto everywhere I've highlighted, but specifically focus on the centre of my face where the oil can go a tad out of control. I'll then dust my cheeks off with some Nars Orgasm blush for that freshly pinched cheeks, outdoor flush of colour and we're good to go.

Et voila, an effortless winter sheen that really does look like it comes from within.