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Luxe haircare is a funny one. Nowadays beauty consumers aren't as adverse to dropping £30 or so on an expensive item of skincare but haircare, I think still has a long way to go. Consumers don't seem to place the same emphasis on quality of ingredients when it comes to their hair, a quick jaunt down the isle of Boots and they're good to go.

As a hairdresser, I place the same amount of importance on my haircare products as I do my skincare. Now I'm not saying everything needs to be premium, you can get away with a few cheaper styling products here and there, but do bare in mind silicones, padding (volume) or shaping (hold) ingredients used in these products will cling to your hair and be hard to remove, causing a product build up and then further damage, especially if you heat style. But so often I hear an argument for why people find it so hard to spend more on haircare, 'does it really make a difference, it's only my hair'. The argument for expensive haircare is exactly the same as skincare, if you want the best ingredients, the best research and more often than not the best result, especially if you colour and heat style your hair, you're gona have to part with some pounds here and there.

Step up Show Beauty. A brand that markets their haircare very similarly to a skincare routine, for a great style you need a good base of 'moisturiser', a good foundation, topped off with a good finishing product. All talk and a great sales pitch you might think but, being someone who didn't quite jump on the Oribe bandwagon, I have genuinely been so impressed with this range.

The first thing that screams at you is the scent, all the products have a decadently sweet and really luxurious fragrance to them. Show Beauty employed fragrance connoisseurs Givaudan, who have developed fragrances for the likes of Thierry Mugler, Calvin Klein and Marc Jacobs, to develop the associated fragrance for their products. The result is indulgent, gourmand notes which feature in a lot of my personal favourite fragrances, and make this range a real treat for the hair, and the nostrils! You can really enjoy treating and styling your hair as much as you do a great facemask on a sleepy sunday, something I think is revolutionary in today's haircare market.

My stand out product has to be the Treatment Oil. Now I'm not crazy on oils as I often feel they weigh my hair down and just sit on top of it. On first look of this one it seems quite gloopy, but once applied to towel dried hair it sinks in beautifully and leaves my hair feeling incredibly soft but nourished and substantial, like it really has been rebuilt. It contains argan oil which penetrates the cuticle and strengthens the hair from within, rather than just sitting on top of the cuticle and smoothing it out without actually adding any benefit to the hair. If there was one product I would really recommend from the range, it would be this one, the most perfect treatment and beautifully indulgent product which doesn't overload the hair, and looks pretty nice on the dressing table, I am seriously in love with this.

I also love the Volume Mist. Traditionally any volume product automatically means a tacky and pretty dry feeling to the hair but again, this product is so so nourishing, smells amazing and really does inflate my hair. I have been wearing my hair straight recently which usually I hate as it looks so flat and lack lustre, what I want is sleek, shiny hair with body...this, I thought was completely unachievable until I used this. Again I spray through wet hair and blast dry, it really inflates the hair and I can physically see the root sitting up from my scalp, but no dried out, matte, knotty texture, my hair feels smooth, has some shine and looks pretty damn aspirational, rather than my usual trampy Olsen, dragged out of a hedge chic!

Now I know this line is expensive and as I was so so lucky to receive this as a gift it would be easy to think I was over egging the pudding, but honestly, no bullshit, I have been seriously blown away by Show Beauty, so much so I have a shopping list of about 3 other products I'm desperate to try, all to be funded by myself...if that doesn't convince you I don't know what will.

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