LFW Backstage Beauty | PPQ...

Nestled somewhere between Marble Arch and Park Lane, more Marble Arch, stands Le Peep nightclub, and the location for my last show on Friday, PPQ.

Backstage was tight so it was a quick pow wow with Sacha Mascolo Tarbuck before she had to squeeze behind the step & pose boards to ensure all models were ready for showtime.

In essence, PPQ was all about a party vibe, what Sacha had created was the modern day tiara. Hair was parted down the centre and adorned with chunky, iridescent glitter. Texture was smooth and sleek, any kinks or movement had been removed from the hair with straighteners and barely any product, just a touch of blowout spray, had been used for a subtle hold, to tame flyaways and encourage the slightest bit of natural shine.

Brave enough to recreate this look?
First define a centre parting, a pintail comb can help to get this really strong and neat. Hair then needs to be smoothed and any frizz tamed. Spritz some Label M blowout spray and blowdry in, a natural boar bristle brush really helps to smooth and frizz and ensure a natural, sleek finish. Of course you can always just blast dry and go over with the straighteners and this will give super sleek finish. To create the modern day tiara, mix iridescent glitter with Label M gel and mould along the parting, then get your best shoes on and you're ready for a PPQ party.

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