LFW Backstage Beauty | Giles...

We've reached the last in my Backstage Beauty posts!

And what a way to go out, with Giles at The Dairy. When you hear about chaotic backstage set ups, this was it. Press were hustled in, ushered into a group surrounding Toni & Guy Creative Director, Sacha Mascolo Tarbuck, (I still can't believe I've seen her so many times in the last few days, as a hairdresser she's kind of a big deal to me!) and the run down was given. The Giles show was Disco fever so Sacha wanted to go the complete opposite with hair to balance this out and let the clothes play in the strobe lights.

Hair was simple, but elegant and very modern. Huge tear drop sections were taken along the top and centre of the head, fastened into half up half down, and the joined into a ponytail. The sides swooped over the ears into a veil style, some with ears poking out, some not. This was then finished with a textured, grungey finish, simulating down trodden victoriana, set against the bright lights and boogie of Studio 54. No notable product used except the Label M Sea Salt Spray, this was everywhere backstage, on every station. This was first blowdried in, uncombed to create the unkempt texture, and diffused through the ponytail for even more movement.

And with that, I now bid fond farewell to this week of fashion and frenzy, it really is my favourite time of year when it comes around. I must also say a big big thankyou to Toni & Guy and Label M for having me backstage, let's strut the hell out of Autumn Winter and I'll see you in February!

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