Hair update | Going peach with Bleach...

Since going blonde over a year ago I've wanted to play with pastel tones for ages but have never really, not had the guts so to speak, but I've really loved the creamy blonde I've become and didn't want to ruin it. But on my last visit to Bleach to see my most favourite-ist hair gaaaaal, Tasha, we decided to take the plunge.

And I LOVE it. I'm so so happy with the shade and I feel like now I want it forever. I'm pretty sure it's a toner by Wella, so if you go to any salon that uses Wella, you should be able to get this shade if that's what you're after. I know in general Wella do a great range of professional, pastel shades (unlike L'oreal, come on catch up!) I'd really, really recommend Tasha at Bleach if you're in London as she is seriously, amazing with colour and bleach specifically. Being a hairdresser myself I have access to be able to get my hair done for free, but I trust Tasha so much I still pay for her to do you need anymore reason to get yourself hooked up?

Find Tasha here -

Bleach London Topshop - 0207 2759500
Instagram - @tasha_spencer
Twitter - @tasha_spencer

Watch my vlog featuring me getting my hair done here!

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