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It's not often you come across a brand where you feel like you love absolutely everything about them, ethos, packaging, formula and product. But Aussie brand Jurlique has truly stolen my heart over the last few months.

I rarely do entire brand focus posts, I think my last one was on Tigi's Bedhead range, but I have been lucky enough to sample a number of treats from Jurlique as well as work with them on a Google Hangout, and thought the easiest thing to do would be to initially put them all up in a post together and highlight just how fab I think this brand is.

Now I think this may turn into a rather long post if I individually reviewed each thing, and I will definitely have some stand out favourites which will make a few edits in the upcoming weeks where I will go into more detail, but overall, I am so impressed with Jurlique as a brand. It's beauty with a conscience which I really like and love how they promote, alongside healthy skin, a healthy lifestyle and massively important these days, a healthy mind as well as being huge advocates of female empowerment around the world. 

Not to veer off course too much but I think beauty and specifically skincare lends itself really well to mental health. Encouraging a pamper sesh a couple of times a week is something I really believe in, not only for the benefits to your skin, but it's an excuse to really take some time out, relax and escape from all those tensions that can make us feel trapped or lost day to day. A time to refocus and prioritise and I genuinely think it's a really positive thing to introduce into your routine, as well as being pure indulgence which we all love a bit of! Honestly though, if you're struggling to keep it together, get your self a good face mask, I can highly recommend the Jurlique Purifying Mask, glass of wine and a cheeky bar of choccie and treat yourself to a much needed evening of you time. 

All the products in the Jurlique range are from natural and organic sources, and ingredients are assured to be the purest and highest potency available. I find everything really calming and soothing, a great way to wind down at the end of a busy week. But don't be put off by thinking you need the real harsh chemical stuff to sort out your skin concerns, I can assure you Jurlique's formulations are so beneficial to the skin and I can really feel, and see a difference, every time I use them.

So this has turned into a slightly longer than planned post but honestly, I really cannot rave enough about Jurlique. Have you tried anything from their range?

*products very kindly supplied by Jurlique

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