Blonde Series | Dip dye vs ombre...

As summer is here and it's pretty much always going to be a look, I thought I'd do a little series all about blonde hair. I'm not sure how many posts I'm going to do but I plan to chat trends, techniques, tones, products, maintenance, all of it! Some form of blonde is the most popular colour choice in hair salons and is also the most expensive and high maintenance colour choice for the 'wearer' shall we say, hence why I decided to arm you with all the lingo, inspiration and general chit chat so if you fancied dipping your toe in the blonde pool, you'd have a pretty good idea of what you wanted.

The first thing on the agenda, the age old question of dip dye or ombre? I just really, wanted to highlight (excuse the pun) the difference between them as most people will say ombre but mean dip dye and vice versa.

I don't think I need to go into too much detail as I'm hoping my pics above can decipher each meaning for you but to sum up what I'm getting at here's my interpretations of two of the biggest colour trends.

Dip Dye - Essentially, a dip dye to me, is a severe change in colour from dark to light. Of course this can change from light to dark depending on the effect but most of you will recognise it as a transition from dark to light or, from dark to bright, like blue, green or red. There's usually a definitive line between the colours with a slight blend, however updated versions do tend to be more blended, with the most recent interpretation of the dip dye being dark roots and platinum/ash blonde mid lengths and ends with root re-growth taken as wide or narrow as the 'wearer' desires. This is what I would say I have however, I wouldn't refer to my hair as dip dyed as traditionally it is meant to look as if you have literally 'dipped' your ends in dye and surprisingly, some people still don't seem to 'get' why I have roots and I'm constantly asked if I need them done, even by other hairdressers! But you get the general jist, trends are always being reinterpreted and updated but essentially this is my definition of a dip dye.

Ombre - Now one thing to remember is that Ombre is really supposed to be a very natural look. A seamless and subtle blend of dark to light playing on natural tones of brown, caramel and blonde found in your own hair colour. Khloe Kardashian and Sarah Jessica Parker are great examples of this technique and more recent versions do tend to include slightly brighter (when I say brighter I mean very blonde) pieces running through the front section and around the baseline of the hair. Really it is a technique to make your hair look naturally lightened and plays with your own natural tones to create a more bespoke finish. No two ombres should ever be the same and are completely unique to the 'wearer'. Needless to say Ombre doesn't always have to include blonde, you can play with brown, caramel, copper, red even pinks, purples and blues if you want a more updated version, but like I say essentially this is what the traditional definition of Ombre is, soft, natural blends running through the length of the hair to enhance the natural tones.

Ooooh I could talk like this for hours! I'd love to go into techniques in this post but then it really would be never ending, I will save that for my next one.

Any questions that you'd like me to cover in upcoming posts feel free to comment below or tweet me using #hairymary @this_girlslife...yeh I know it's a bit dodge but at least you'll remember it!

Also let me know if this is helpful would ya?!

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