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If you're into skincare you may have picked up on one thing...the asian market is where it's at. From sheet masks to peeling masks, lightening creams to BB Creams, when it comes to innovation, they're at the forefront.

When I was offered the chance to trial the Memebox, a beauty box containing exclusively Korean beauty brands, I jumped at the chance. Being in the UK we don't get a whole lot of access to asian brands so the Memebox is a great way to trial some of the best offerings from the asian market.

There are a few boxes to choose from (all look amazing) and the one I have been sampled is the Memebox from Nature, containing handpicked products all rich in natural ingredients. So let's have a closer look at what's inside...

Swanicoco Cell Emotion Snail Gommage Peeling Mask - I'll be honest, a product containing snail extract isn't one I'm rushing to spread on my face but, the description sounds pretty good. 'A non toxic peeling gel that removes blackheads, dead skin cells, and residue within pores, high concentrate of snail extract soothes and nourishes skin to bring back it's natural glow'. I'll keep you posted on my progress but this may have to be trial runned by my guinea pig, AKA Hainsley my main squeeze.

Moongkle Nutrition Intensive Repair System - Now this sounds really  good, a high protein, amino acid complex to deeply nourish damaged hair, the size is great for travel and I bloody love a good treatment on my thirsty, bleached locks.

Lanoa Natural Soap - Now I don't use soap but the mother does and this bar containing shea butter, chamomile and lavender, will be perfect for her sensitive skin.

Ramosu 100% Propolis Extraxt Ampoule - No, I have no idea what the name means either but from the description, this is a highly nourishing and deeply hydrating serum...sold.

SN-T Goddess Cream - As soon as I saw it said Sebum Control System, I had to get this on my face. A gel formula, which as an oily skin gaaaaal I love, this cream absorbs instantly so great for day and hydrates the skin without overloading fave.

Dewytree Tea Tree Solution Blemish Mask - I am so intrigued by this, a traditional sheet mask containing aloe vera and tea tree it claims to clarify, hydrate and calm the skin as well as control blemishes, perfecto!

*PR Sample

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