The most important meal of the day...

I am one of those people that will never miss breakfast. Small or large, if I'm leaving the house I have to grab something. If I don't, I end up feeling really sick and most probably over eating for the rest of the day.

So I thought I'd share, I suppose my 'go to' breakfast option.

When it comes to hot drinks I am a tea girl through and through. I'll dabble in coffee every now and again, but every morning, I need to have a tea. Having not drunk anything for about 8 hours depending on how good my sleep is, it's really important to hydrate first thing so I take my tea with a side of Coconut Water, Vita Coco with Pineapple to be exact.

Moving on to food, my favourite. Usually I'll go for what I call the Scandinavian option. Yoghurt and granola. My mum actually makes her own yoghurt so there's usually a nice batch ready in the fridge. This yoghurt has nothing added in and is just your typical plain yoghurt. I then add granola, and I  only ever buy the Rude Health Granola in Spiced Apple.. This is because it's yummy and also, have you looked at the sugar quantities in regular granola these days?! It's shocking, and the Rude Health ones are the only ones I've found that state they contain no refined sugars. It's so easy to think you're being healthy by choosing granola but unknowingly going well over your daily allowance of sugar, and not good sugar either, so I really recommend the Rude Health ones just so you can keep track of what you're eating. It was only available at Whole Foods but I recently found it n Waitrose as well (oooh dahrling!) I then add some fruit, usually blueberries, some nuts and seeds if I have any and I top it off with some Agave Nectar just for some added sweetness.

And there we go, a yummy, easy breakfast option. I especially love eating this as the weather gets warmer and it also acts as a really good snack throughout the day.

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