Beach babe waves on a budget...

Schwarzkopf Got to Be 2 Sexy Big Volume Spray Mousse | Schwarzkopf Got to Be Rise 'n' Shine Hairspray | Schwarzkopf Got to Be Beach Matt Texturizing Salt Spray

When it comes to haircare, well anything beauty related, I can be inclined to splurge. There are some things however I don't think you necessarily need to splurge on. Now I love the Bumble and bumble Surf Spray, but at £21.50, I can appreciate this is not in everyones budget, and to be honest, it's not even in mine, but who needs food?!

I have been trawling the isles of Boots in search for dupes of some of my most used hair products. When it comes to styling there are 3 things I need, root lift, texture and shine. For some reason the Schwarzkopf Got to Be range jumped out at me, probs the eye catching packaging. And I'm so glad I picked them up. All together they cost about £12 and I am pleased to say I really like, and would repurchase them all.

Schwarzkopf Volume Spray Mousse - I use this on wet hair and focus on my roots, then massage in. Unlike most mousses it's not sticky and you hardly feel any product in your hair, yet you get instant, long lasting lift. Massive thumbs up.

Schwarzkopf Rise 'n' Shine Hairspray - One thing that I think is really hard to get right, is a shine spray, so I always go for ones in an aerosol as they never dispense too much product. With a more water like spray it's so easy to do one too many sprays and you're next stop: greaseball! This spray has hold and shine but doesn't feel at all crispy or sticky.

Schwarzkopf Texturizing Salt Spray - The star of the show. Now I'll be honest I don't think it's as good as the Bumble Surf Spray purely because, you need quite a lot of this to get some good texture, the Bumble one you can use very sparingly, but for the price (about £3.99) it's a bloody good dupe. I spritz this over damp hair and then scrunch before diffusing or leaving to dry naturally. If you've been searching for a cheap salt spray, look no further.

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