I got my hair cut just before Christmas and it's at the stage now where it really needs another one, #hairdresserproblems when you're not in a salon! 

As it's short it's hard to put my hair up in my beloved topknot without loading up with a ton on bobby pins, which can sometimes be uncomfortable. I love having short hair but hate feeling like I have to wash it. As it's blonde, it's f**ked, so it stays pretty dried out which is great so I can go a good 4 days without a wash but I still miss those days when I could just chuck it up in a donut and be done with it. 

I kept seeing chicks knocking around town with sick 90s style half up, half down dos. Lived in, just woken up texture and messily pulled up front sections, perfect for laid back summer chic, I had to have a little go myself and I lurrrrrrve how it looks.

It's banging with a winged liner and my faaaaaav Rihanna for MAC Nude lippie. Feel a bit like my badass 19 year old self again when all I cared about was Timberlands and Twice as Nice.

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