Building my makeup kit #2...

Oooooh more additions to zee makeup kit!!

1. I got these MAC shadows a few weeks ago. In my dream kit, I plan to have a whole palette collection focusing on different shades, but for now I'm really trying to build my neutrals as these will take me from bridal to photoshoot perfectly, it's then easier to build colour palettes on top of this. The shadows in question I got on this particular spree will be of no surprise, all are pretty cult staple shades in any good youtubers palette (shout out to Jaclyn Hill who is pretty much my bible for MAC eyeshadows) So these shades are, Vanilla, Brule, Shroom, Wedge, All That Glitters, Woodwinked and the infamous Satin Taupe.

2. So these MAC Mineralize Skinfinshes weren't strictly a kit only purchase. The great thing about building a kit is it gives me reason to hoard makeup I don't actually need! From MAC's current A Fantasy of Flowers collection, Perfect Topping and Stereo Rose are such beautiful, and raved about, highlight shades, I just couldn't say no!

3. These two blush purchases were ones I knew were staples in any well stocked makeup artist kit. Gingerly and Well Dressed...I can't really say too much else, perfect neutral shades for a variety of skintones, and I luuuuurve me some gingerly.

4. This next purchase has been one of my most exciting! I was watching Gossmakeupartist and a few other kit videos over on Youtube and they all mentioned the brand Graftobian in some capacity. The problem is, it's so so expensive to buy in the UK, you can see from the previous link. However, I really thought this HD Glamour Creme Foundation Palette would be great for someone at my stage of makeup artistry. It let's me have a great amount of shades to use without spending too much. I can then build on this, but say a I wanted to start test shooting with photographers, stylists etc right now (as I do hair I get asked a lot if I can also do makeup) I know I'm well covered for bases. I found this website Camera Ready Cosmetics through watching my favourite kit video on youtube and despite the £30 delivery charge and £17 customs charge, everything was still about £60 cheaper than had I of purchased from a UK site.
I got the palette in the colour warm as it's the more yellow based of the three palettes, the other two are cool and neutral. When it comes to bases I'm with Bobbi on this one, yellow pretty much covers anyone and should it not, concealers and cover ups are your best friend! I also ordered the corrector palette so again, I've got all bases covered...excuse the (really bad) pun.

5. I hit up my staff shop last week and picked up these Smashbox products. Their Limitless 15hr Wear Cream Shadow in Quartz is a really pretty cream eyeshadow and great to use as a base, similar to MAC Bare Study Paintpot but slightly pinker. I then got two of their Jet Set Gel Liners in Deep Black and Navy Blue. I don't know if I really needed this industrial style primer but at staff prices who cares right?! The Photo Finish Targeted Pore and Line Primer is super thick and only really to be used on spot areas rather than all over the centre of the face. I thought it would be worth getting for any really deep pore or line situations, could be a great one for weddings I reckon.

So there we go! I really hope these posts are interesting to you guys as there will definitely be more where this came from up until I finish my course (August) and probs onwards as let's face it, normal Mary can never have too much makeup let alone Makeup Artist Mary!

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